"As Mayor, City Councilmember and resident of the city I love, I’ve worked hard, with the integrity, focus, and determination to move Alameda forward. We’ve accomplished so much over these past four years – but there is still a lot to do. I’m running for re-election to provide the stable, constructive leadership Alameda needs to meet the challenges and opportunities before us."

Leadership with integrity.

Alameda is at a crossroads. We’ve made it through the pandemic but there are many challenges ahead of us. City leaders must make crucial decisions with far-reaching consequences over the coming years on:

  • Housing supply, affordability and homelessness,
  • Traffic and transportation,
  • Climate change and sea level rise, and
  • Sustainable city finances.

Alameda is a great city, full of promise and potential, but more needs to be done to meet the challenges we face. Too many Alameda families are struggling to pay for housing. Rising costs are driving seniors, families, and young people from our city or onto our streets.

Marilyn has fought hard to create jobs and housing for people at all income levels and better transit opportunities for residents and commuters.

She’s also worked hard to keep Alameda safe – In 2021, the City hired a new police chief and a new fire chief, both of whom have come aboard and are doing excellent work.

Marilyn has proven to be an effective consensus-builder who makes decisions with the best interests of our city in mind.

With Marilyn as our Mayor, Alameda will be represented by someone who knows how to achieve results. During more than two decades of community service and leadership, including six years as a City Councilmember, Mayor Ashcraft has demonstrated a thorough understanding of critical issues and a deep commitment to Alameda.

Alameda residents and businesses expect and deserve a Mayor people can trust - a strong, principled leader who will promote ethical city government, and ensure that Alameda remains a vibrant, livable community.

Marilyn is that leader.

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